Legit Traffic Sources For Your Website

The success of online businesses depends on the level of visitors to their websites. This means that the higher the traffic, the higher the number of visitors and conversions in general. There are many ways to get website visitors. These ways are broadly categorized into free and paid methods. As their names suggest, the free methods don’t involve any cost to get website traffic. On the other hand, paid methods require a fee. Generally, both the free and paid methods work well, and each has its pros and cons. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to know pageview numbers. Getting more traffic translates to increased opportunities. In some cases, you might have more traffic but get low conversions. In this case, your traffic might not be targeted to the right audience. It’s therefore essential to have targeted traffic to your site. Below are some ways on how to get website visitors:

1. Website optimization

This is among the best and easiest ways to get website visitors. It involves finding the best keywords on your niche and analyzing them properly to ensure your content is relevant. Experts recommend that emphasis should be placed on each webpage’s main keyword. The keyword should be relevant and highly searched. You should, however, not rush to use high volume keywords immediately. Your main aim should be to lay a strong base for niche relevant keywords.

2. Check out your competitors

One best and most underrated way of getting more website visitors is to analyze what your competitors are doing to get traffic. The analysis should always place more emphasis on how your competitors get their traffic. This will not only make you get legit traffic sources for your website, but you’ll also understand the best marketing channels to emphasize. There are various online tools that you can use for competitor analysis, such as Alexa tool. If you find that your competitors are majorly using the Facebook platform to get visitors, you’ll also have to create targeted Facebook ads and try them out.

3. Create new content

Content plays a significant role in driving website traffic. New and unique content forms a good basis for search engine optimization. The role of search engine optimization is to bring websites to top positions in search engines where they can get a lot of traffic. It’s therefore important to replace your outdated content with fresh and unique content. New and relevant content will consistently be recognized by visitors.

4. Increase engagement

The level of brand recognition determines if you’ll have many visitors to your website or not. Increasing your level of engagement is a sure way of getting more website visitors. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to best improve your brand recognition among the online community. You can increase your brand recognition online by joining various Facebook groups, forums, and follower interactions. However, marketing experts warn that you should not join any Facebook groups you come across but rather groups on your niche. This means that you’ll target a certain audience of interest that is likely to develop your brand’s interest and thus increase your website traffic.

5. Email list building

Most people actually don’t know that their current customers can help in bringing more other visitors to your website. It’s easy to increase your website traffic by posting new content or blog and asking your followers to share. To succeed in this method, there are a number of strategies you should put in place. First, ensure you create content with calls to action where people can give out their information, including emails, to get regular communications. Secondly, you can consider having newsletter sign-up forms. People who find your website interesting won’t bother to sign up. Lastly, you can promote your newsletter on various social media platforms to get more subscribers.

6. Paid advertising

This is a quick and effective way to get more website visitors. Paid advertising involves running retargeting ads and PPC. You can use social media platforms to display your ads or posts. For solid, successful results, experts recommend the combination of two or more advertising ways.

7. Build backlinks

Building backlinks can help improve search engine optimization in websites, thus increasing visibility and the number of visitors in general. The presence of external website links gives the green light to search engines like Google that your website has relevant and helpful information and it can be trusted. This way, Google will also start recommending your website to users automatically. Additionally, you’ll also get visitors who use those other sites to look for items of interest.

8. Consider contests and giveaways

This is an easy way to gain more website visitors. It involves rewarding participants and followers through social media platforms, email lists, or a combination. To successfully do this, you should choose the best platform, select the prize, criteria, create ad copy and graphics and then promote.

9. Use influencers

Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s business world. Influencer marketing is a quick and budget-friendly way of bringing more website visitors. Recent statistics show that using influencers to market your brand is at least thrice effective compared to using celebrities. This is a fact since most influencers have a huge following on all social media platforms. If you want to get more website visitors, simply look for an influencer and provide your discount codes, giveaways, or reviews, and you’ll see wonders in terms of how many people will start looking for you.

10. Local SEO

Local searches are essential for businesses within a particular area. Considering local SEO can help you bring more visitors to your website since you’ll always appear in top local searches. Therefore, you should ensure that your website is attractive and has unique content, citations, and excellent pages. These are the main things that search engines will check out to rank your website higher due to relevance.

In conclusion, these are some of the legit traffic sources for your website. Other ways are video marketing, guest posting, technical SEO, and social share buttons.